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5-Stars - Editorial Reviewnby Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The Czech Book: A Rainee Allen mystery by Lauren B Grossman is an engaging mystery with well-written characters and a plot that moves fast. Rainee Allen is in Prague for her friend Shelley’s wedding when a bomb blast takes place, leaving Shelley terribly wounded just before her wedding. Before Shelley passes out, she gives a little black book to Rainee and says something that Rainee can’t remember. But a lot has happened that has left everyone baffled, including the unresolved theft of the Bohemian Crown Jewels just a few days before the bomb blast. Rainee must determine if there is a connection between the theft and the bomb blast and establish if her friend, Shelley, has been the target of the bomb blast. Most importantly, she must decode the message in the little black book and unravel the mystery before it is too late.

Lauren B Grossman writes complex characters and imbues them with strong humanity while crafting their personalities. Rainee is one of the most remarkable characters and readers immediately feel drawn to her curiosity and devotion to her friends. Another character that I couldn’t stop following is Oto and his role in this mystery is irreplaceable. The writing is perfect and Grossman excels in descriptive prose, always finding the right words to capture a moment, an emotion, an action, and the atmosphere. The imagery is strong, and from the first page, the author’s ability to create vivid images in the reader’s mind is clear. The mystery is introduced right off the bat with the explosive opening, a premise that leaves readers with many questions and compels them to seek answers. There are no breaks as readers follow the story, moved by the persistent suspense and the superior storytelling craft. The Czech Book will keep you guessing through every page, following every step of a likable protagonist as she seeks answers. I will be looking out for more of this author’s work.


Very exciting book

I loved this book. I was really involved in these characters lives more than the first 2 books.
I had a string of emotions when reading this book, and I thought about it when I was not reading it.
The writing is excellent! It is one of those books you have to keep reading to find out what happens next, then there are more twists and turns.


Beverly Dane

The characters are real

Another reviewer referred to "twists and turns," which I definitely agree with, as I also saw in this author's first two books in this series. Given that, of course, I had to read "The Czech Book". I would say "surprises," because what would a good mystery be without the element of surprise?
The lead character grows; the reader now sees her as a mother who not only has to watch out for her own safety, but more so for that of her child. A very important plus to book #3 is the role of Rainee's husband. Good move.
The setting almost becomes another character. The authors were very aware of situating the story in a country which is unfamiliar to most of those who read the book. I appreciate that kind of intricacy. The author duo took nothing for granted in creating character definition, motivation, and realism.

BJ Sands  It was amazing

I was happy to read that Rainee Allen was back! I've read her two other adventures and hope to read many more.
I truly like the amateur sleuth. She is a strong woman with convictions, a love for family and friends, a curious nature, and she relies on her intuition to find truths.
In this, her third in the series, she's attending her best friend's wedding in Prague. An explosion occurs. Before she loses consciousness, her friend hands her an encoded black book.
That begins the mystery of why was there a bombing, did it have to do with the little book, and was it related to the Bohemian Crown Jewels heist that occurred just a week before?
All the characters are fully fleshed out, including the thugs she runs into.
Another surprise twist, which Grossman used in her past books. And, what a twist it is, too. Love it!
Recommend it! Will continue to read the series. Please keep them coming. 


Another great mystery book by Lauren B Grossman & Bernie Jaroslow

I knew before I read this book that I would love it!!! I was intrigued and anxious to know what would happen from the first few pages!! I was not disappointed at all. The authors have a very unique way of getting us totally immersed from the very beginning. The Rainee Allen mystery series keeps getting better. Not giving anything away - just hope you will treat yourselves to yet, another, great read. ENJOY THE RIDE!!!


Dec 15, 2021 Janet H. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. Like the other Rainee Allen mysteries, it keeps your attention from the first page. Though it is thoughtfully written, it is packed with unexpected and exciting action. I also liked the locale. Having never been to Prague, I can only assume that the description of the beautiful city is accurate. Considering the detail in the other books in the Rainee Allen series, I have no doubt that it is.
Rainee is at it again. As usual, her inquisitive mind drives her to try to figure out why there was a large explosion at her best friend’s wedding that put Shelley in a coma. I found myself cheering Rainee on as she is blocked at every turn. I literally finished the book in one day, because I just didn’t want to put it down. 

Dec 13, 2021 Shelley M.  

Interesting that Rainee, the main character, is 54, and her bride-to-be best friend Shelley is 56. Their ages are stated early on, though if they hadn't been, I'd have assumed the characters were much younger. Rainee is to serve as matron of honor for Shelley, but the wedding is interrupted by a bomb. Rainee is left clutching a little black book that Shelley handed her right before the bomb - a book that is in code, and may be a key to what is going on. days go by as Rainee tries to figure out what is going on, while Shelley lies in a medically induced coma. Oh, and did I mention that part of the Czech crown jewels were stolenthe week before the wedding? Everything is connected... The book is entertaining, a good "beach read" that isn't too long or drawn out. There are two other books about Rainee, which I believe were summarized as back story throughout this novel. 


Dec 13, 2021 Susan 

I just could not put this book down until I read it to the end.
Strong women characters and a plot that kept me glued to the plot.
Keep on writing ✍🏼


Jan 09, 2022 Zack 

Full of intrigue that keeps you guessing til the end, Grossman and Jaroslow have done it again! As someone who lives in Prague, it was great having real places, the language, and little insights about the city (like stolpersteins) peppered in throughout. The authors have effectively continued the series using many of the same characters and have continued to divulge more information about their lives, keeping them fresh and interesting. While it would be best to read the Rainee Allen Series in the correct order, Jaroslow and Grossman do an excellent job refreshing the memories of long-time readers enough that first timers would certainly not be left in the dark. Looking forward to future books by the pair or solo work they come out with! 

Jan 01, 2022 Martha 

I liked the book, it presents many surprises, developed in Prague, it begins with the bombshell on Shelley's wedding day, who is seriously affected in her health and the celebration interrupted; Hence the action, lies, intrigue, complicity between friends, guests and family.
Questions arise that lead to police investigation. There are many unexpected changes in the novel, situations that you cannot imagine; I get caught from start to finish
Are well-defined characters, although she lacked something that I cannot define exactly; I had questions about characters that could be more representative. I absolutely recommend it, a novel with a few pages that reads lightly and quickly.

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