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5 stars  The real deal

By J. Carroll on April 7, 2018

This novel captured two totally different problems: a debilitating form of stage fright, and the fear of a debilitating, progressive disease. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s a luxury given to few. This book was so insightful about two women coming to terms with their own - yet intertwined - challenges. Thanks for a good read.

5 stars  Fantastic!

By C West on February 2, 2016

My heart was attached from the beginning straight through to the very end. Fantastic!

5.0 out of 5 stars


By Sandra K. Potter, November 9, 2015

What a well-written and compelling story that delves well below the surface of a teacher-student relationship! Once I started reading, I literally could not put it down. The author takes a deep look at some of the emotional and physical obstacles that can alter life's journey in ways that may sometimes be irreversible. Her story-telling voice weaves a tale of fear and courage, isolation and immersion, loneliness and love. I can't wait to read her next novel!


Goodreads Review, March 12, 2015
Bette Stevens rated it 5 of 5 stars

We all have gifts and dreams, sometimes unrealized. We also have challenges that keep us from pursueing those dreams. Lisa, a young girl gifted with a lovely singing voice, is encouraged and supported by a family friend and then by her music teacher. Can we reach our own dreams by supporting others? Read this inspiring novel to find out. It's twists and turns will keep you wanting more and possibly inspire you to realize your own dreams in the process. An inspiring read that everyone will profit from and enjoy!

Goodreads Review, February 22, 2015
Joyce rated it 4 of 5 stars            
Once in Every Generation tells the story of 2 women, both extremely talented singers. Angelina Mariano, at the age of 12, has a humiliating experience when she sings in public for the first time. She refuses to ever sing in public again but goes on to teach. She becomes teacher and mentor for a young girl, Lisa Forrester, who goes on to become a megastar in her singing career. The two women also form a bond as Angelina and Lisa's father, David, fall in love and eventually marry. At the age of 38 and still at the height of her career, Lisa is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and faces the biggest challenge of her life. As Lisa's singing career is disrupted, Angelina comes face to face with the biggest challenge of her life. This is a well-written novel in which the author has dealt not only with the disease of multiple sclerosis but also with finding the courage to overcome emotional fears. 

Facebook Review, September 2014
by Grace B.
I absolutely loved "Once In Every Generation" Lauren B. Grossman. I was deeply engrossed and on a first name basis with all the characters. They came to life in my mind. I saw your story in it's every nuance and I was carried off by it. I Think " Once in Every Generation" is an excellent story for EVERYONE with it's sorrows, triumphs and all emotions in the gamut in between, I also wish everyone with Multiple Sclerosis would read it. I will post about it again soon. Right now my first cousin Sylvia is reading it in Saskatchewan

Heartwarming, March 6, 2014      
By Stacy Thomas      Loved the book! It draws you in and holds you! I couldn't put it down! Lauren does a great job with story line, character development, and more... Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars An easy read on my flight to Phoenix, April 9, 2013
by Dorothy Valentine "Dot"  (Wisconsin)I read this novel on my flight to Phoenix. I enjoy reading about women as they mature from teens to young women. This book had two of those stories. Although it has a love story running through it, it is not one of those sticky-sweet romances.

Great read,    March 20, 2013 by R. Preston "Praxton"
I really enjoyed this book, it grabbed my interest right away. It's a heartwarming story that everyone would enjoy reading.

5 of 5 stars · Goodreads Review -    March 13, 2013
by Lynn Hallbrooks 
I'm so glad that I met Ms. Grossman on Independent Authors and Writers. I've followed her blog and learned many things
about her as a person. So when I read this book, I could see a little bit of her in the main character. The interesting thing is that you have to finish the book to see which bits are true to her and which are pure fiction.
This book is listed as Contemporary Fiction but I'd add that it is about relationships and facing challenges.
I really enjoyed the book because I could relate to the characters on different levels. The central theme is music, in particular singing, which I love to do.

Goodreads Review:     July 23, 2013
by Nancy
A good story of lives, relationships, taking what life gives and making it be the best it can be....turning negatives into postitives.

Once in Every Generation,  December 29, 2012
By Jackie Heyne  (Kindle Edition)
This was a very tender hearted family story about overcoming fear with the help of those who love you and standing strong with them throughout personal tragedy. Very easy reading and each event built on each other for a cohesive story.

5.0 out of 5 stars Musicians Surprise,  December 5, 2012
By N.K.Beckley
Being a retired music teacher I can really relate to this book. My Mother was a MS victim and I can relate to what happens in this book to the student and her teacher.
It is written very well and tells the story from a students point of view. It really goes into how each of the main characters feels about herself especially when she gets the diagonis of MS.
I think everyone should read this book so they can understand how a person feels if they have a loved one with MS and how they can deal with it.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Fantastic book and Informative, October 2, 2012
By Cherokee 
I loved this book, and can so relate. Battling MS myself, this book really puts this MonSter more out there for people who don't have it or know some with MS to understand what we and our families go through. Lauren, thank you so very much for writing this!

Goodreads Review - October 17, 2012
by Dana Farmer 
Interesting book! It touches my heart and hits home with me in a few ways that made it an enlightening read for me. If only we could all muster up the courage to be what God has intended us to be...that is truly living!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Once In Every Generation, - October 23, 2012
By sally p # 3 
This book was good from the very first page.... I could not put it down... I would recommend this book to

Writer’s Digest 19th Annual Book Awards 2012   Judge’s (#40) Commentary:
This was a very enjoyable book. The story line – a singer with an amazing voice has her singing stopped before she even begins, finds a young girl who also has an amazing voice. The story centers on their relationship which starts as teacher/student and turns into a deeper one. They both face challenges that have or can be life altering. It’s the story of how they face these challenges and their deep friendship. The writing is well done and easy to read. The book flows fast and easy. It kept my interest. I liked her knowledge of MS and learned more about the disease. It is brave of her to write about a disease that she has with such honesty.

Goodreads Review, July 12, 2012
by Jennie
Great book!! But, I have to put it down, it hits too close to home has made me cry, but it gives me personal strength!!      

Great Inspiration, November 24, 2012
By Melanie McK  (Ringgold, GA)
I like how this book was mainly inspiration, with a little romance thrown in. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others.

Great Book!, April 23,  2012
By Marcia 
I loved this book. The  characters were so real, the emotions so raw. Going through devastation to  triumph with the characters was heartwarming. I wanted the book to go on for a  lot longer as I was that emersed in the lives of the characters.
I hope there  will be a sequel!

If you read only one book this year...,
By Samantha Quinn "Chick Lit and Chick Flick junky!"  - March 27, 2012 
     "Once In A Generation" could be it! This book was a touching, moving, powerful journey told with elegance, grace and style. Very much a touching tale of relationships, life, and the living of it, it also talks about triumphing as we face hurdles on our path to happiness. It talks about the big difference between life and the living of it.
    The way the plots and subplots work together and the bonds formed between the main characters will touch your heart deeply. How they both move through their own hurdles, and also find blessed ways to support and encourage each other is also stunning. Some of the best writing I've ever read. So worth getting this book because you really feel drawn in and connected to the characters from page one.
    Read this book you'll be glad you did!

Once in Every Generation is a MUST read!!!  
By Robin - July 13, 2011 
     ** spoiler alert ** This is the story of a young woman with an incredible voice who faces tremendous fears which prevent her from following her dreams. She ends up a respectable voice teacher and finds a student, Lisa, who also has extraordinary talent as a singer. With her help, Lisa blossoms into a star, a world renown sensation. Both mentor and student have a uniquely close relationship throughout the novel which I found endearing. Each helps the other to overcome their fears and reach their full potential. At the peak of Lisa's career however, she is diagnosed with MS, a debilitating illness that strikes people in their prime years. I know because I have the same type of MS as that depicted in this novel. It was very accurately stated but that is because the author herself also has the disease. I was struck with all the accurate details from the day of diagnosis and how you feel to when relapses hit and often symptoms don't go away.
     I think those of us with the illness sometimes feel not heard or understood because our feelings and our symptoms are often difficult to put into words but this author did a great job with it. Kudos to you and you have every right to be proud for penning this book. It really was a beautiful story, not only one I could relate to, but one others can read and understand as well. Each helps the other to overcome their fears and reach their full potential. 5 stars for my fellow MS friend, Lauren Grossman.

A Mans Man Reads Once in Every Generation, July 1, 2011
By  E. S. Morgan
I DO NOT get all teary-eyed while reading books! Well, I can't make that claim anymore. NICE READ, even though I picked up "Once in Every Generation" thinking it was not my typical fare. Incidently, I see several instances where the author could have inserted a knife fight, a car chase, or even somebody using supernatural powers to destroy a building full of people without changing the plot. Just kidding! :)
I don't agree with the reviewer who says "Once In Every Generation" is a book every man should read. From what little I know of women, this is a woman's book, and I think it is an excellent one. It's definitely not a mans man's book; yet for me it was an enjoyable change of pace. I recommend that readers, who haven't sampled Ms. Grossman's work, take a chance on her. Now, I'd better go wash my face. I have my reputation to think of.

Yesterday.. All my troubles seemed so far away...  June 28, 2011
By   Paul Kendall (Leeds, Yorkshire UK)
     The book starts with a prologue which I found was helpful, Then, we are gently immersed as smooth as silk into the story of a gifted singer Angelina, aged 11, her hopes and dreams are cruelly dashed by a fear, The fear of facing an audience. Having been gifted with an angel's singing voice, Angelina has the potential to become one of the world's greatest singers, But fear snatches any chances of success from her hands.
     Angelina, expresses her love of music and people by becoming a singing teacher. Angelina, then discovers a gifted singer Lisa, the relationship between teacher and student is deep and emotional. The two women are so intertwined that the spirit of Angelina almost inhabit's the body of Lisa when she sings. Lisa's star rises, and Lisa becomes a star, The trappings of fame and fortune are thrust upon her.
     Then fate strikes a cruel blow, and Lisa's hugely successful singing career is brought to an end. The way we fragile human beings deal with set backs, fear and trauma, is what this book is all about.
     The writing style is exquisite, this is top quality writing. The story would not be half as good if the emotional intelligence, sensitivity and empathy written from a female perspective were taken out. In other words, I find it hard to imagine a man being able to write this book, but all men should read it. That is why it is special.
     The book's message ? It's all about how we react to a sudden changes for the worse in our lives. We need a positive mind set to beat the fear, that is holding us back. When you are young you feel invincible, then suddenly you may find you have cancer, MS or epilepsy, all of which, can just strike out of the blue. Then what ?
     I enjoyed reading this book, it's a must read. 

Once in every generation, October 21, 2012
By Annjoe 
Good reading. Was wonderful old fashion story between an adult giving to a prodigy what she herself missed out in her life. But she finally gets her chance to show what you can do if you want it bad enough.

Once in every generation, October 12, 2012
By Chef Robert
The story line was very good, but at times I felt the story lagged in the tell of the story line.
Other than that is was a fairly good read.

Flows well, October 11, 2012
By Bunnyluv 
A good book that follows two women as they face lifes difficulties. Nice flow, good character development. Explores how we
rearrange our lives out of love.
"Once in Every Generation"  October 17, 2011 
by Robin E. 
I really enjoyed Once in Every Generation, it was really a heartwarming story of human triumph in the face of hardship and finding joy even when the odds are stacked against you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and came away smiling.

Very Moving , June 30, 2012 
By Sabrina
This is a telling story, not just for people with MS or their caregivers, but for all those that want to just learn about how a person and a family can deal with a chronic illness and still live happily.

Easily captivating! February 19, 2012
By  C. Shepard "twistedms"  (Harvest, AL United States) 
I found myself in this several places. I was lovingly brought into the 2 lives of these wonderful women. Every reader, especially those who love music or the arts in general, will be enveloped with the emotions within this book. From anxiety, hurt and fear to hope and joy, Lauren succeeds in guiding a reader's imagination with a delicate balance. That is not easy to do. This is a beautiful story of peace beyond disease and heartache. MS is not the main character, but an avenue of inspiration and grace. A truly wonderful book!

Fabulous story of life's Journey intersecting with deflated dreams and a far way desire., February 17, 2012
By  Yostime
 This is the kind of book I had to purposely force myself to put down to reflect and savor. The character' s faced the very real situations that one could relate to Angelina was ignored while growing up in a family challenged by circumstances. She possesed a remarkable talent no one in her childhood home recognized nor supported. A crossing guard encouraged this quiet little girl and that was the best she had. When she saw an opportunity somehow she was able to let her amazing talent out. The talent was phenomenal.
Though the atmosphere soon turned into something she could never face up to again. Over time she expands her life to meet the challenges and hopes that we face as we develop into adulthood. Life happens with all the roads that take us to choose what path we may take. Sometimes we meet other's along our path that we take to a little more. There are some who turn out to be the one's we guide,we give a bit extra to when we have a connection at our solar plexus and know this will be special unlike any other.
We know with certainty we can pass the baton we once dreamed of yet were incapable of ever truly feeling comfortable or safe enough to hold again. Her decision to move on and survive was strong and leave the past behind so she no longer be thrown off balance. Then years follow and a good friend of hers brings along someone she believes has a gifted talent that few have.
This student named Lisa comes for lessons, and Angelina 's box of memories stored away begins to open a bit yet not for her. Not when she knows this relationship with Lisa and her family will be a long journey. Lisa's mother turns out to be unsettling to Angela when she picks up on the mother's seeming indifference. The father David, comes in to the story expanding some insight into her student Lisa's interesting dynamics. A rich story continues to take us in wanting and cheering for the characters. Triumph, Dreams, Family, Disappointment, illness, how will this and so much more unfold. The story left me intrigued to wander each time I set the book aside to savor it, to extend it just a little more.
I recommend this lovely story of lives unfolding and acting out as life will right before our eyes.
Wonderful 5 Stars

A Must to  read if you have MS, or know someone who does,     7 Mar  2012 
By Tanya, UK
I read  this book last year, doing my homework before I met Lauren (the author) when she  came to London on a visit from the US. I'm so glad I did. As an MSer myself, I  could relate to 95% of the book, aside from the fact I am not in a wheel chair myself. It is always encouraging to see other MS sufferers changing their experience into a positive (as Lauren does) and offering support to others diagnosed with this pesky condition, be it through works of literature, art or through spreading awareness (which is so lacking in society today).
I had  to ask Lauren why she had cast the main character, Angelina, as being diagnosed  with Primary Progressive from the offset (which is relatively uncommon, as most  MS sufferers start with Relapse and Remitting). If my memory serves me right (I  am blessed with MS memory, and slight cognitive issues) she wanted to focus more  on Angelina overcoming the major difficulties that MS creates.
This book  is poignant, touching, real and downright entertaining. I thoroughly recommend  it - I've read quite a few MS related novels, many of which are downright  pessimistic, and to be quite honest, boring as! This is not! look  forward to your next effort Lauren! :o) xxxxxx

By Shelle   Goodreads Review - December 5, 2011    
I loved the theme of this book! I was so excited to "win" this book in a giveaway and put it at the top of my reading list (it's the least I could do).
From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, I really liked the Layout of the chapter with manageable "stopping points" with in the chapter and the cover. While I at first thought Angelina was the protagonist of the story, it became equally about both Angelina and Lisa and the amazing interplay of their relationship. While I don't want to give away too much of the plot, it was the element of such likeable
characters changing and evolving interdependently and in such a way that draws you into their lives that you're rooting for them to overcome their obstacles.
The only minor element that left me wondering about Lisa's credibility was the absence of a male love interest or much about her views on it given her situation. I highly recommend it especially to anyone who knows of someone or who has MS because it has such a human and positive message. Ultimately, it is a story of hope, love, forgiveness, perseverance and acceptance that touches your

A book to consider how we will react to  devastating changes in life, December 16, 2011
By loves a great read "Barb"
I Enjoyed  this touching story. I liked the aspect of showing how someone who is suffering  great disappoinment or loss in their life can keep their focus not just on  themselves. The author allowed us to see unselfish love that focused not on loss  or bitterness and could be considerate of all involved. The fear was real and  pulsated into the story. The courage was vivid and well developed. The love was  sweet. I also appreciated the part of the story that can remind us as adults how  one event, (that seems "nothing" to us) can be devastating to a child. Lots of  good food for thought. 
I expect other great reads from Lauren

Heart-wrenching Story that Teaches, May 15, 2012
By Elizabeth S. Harris "HEALTHSEEKER" (LOS ANGELES) 
I loved this book. I have a dear friend with MS, who was diagnosed six years ago. This book gave me insight to some of what she was facing, and taught me how to deal with it. A beautiful heroine, and a wonderful story from an upcoming new author! 

A very wonderful book.
by Mary Ellen Weisse
Once I started reading it I could not stop!!!!   

I found this book ["Once in Every Generation"] to be hard to put down
by Yolanda MacKenzie
because it is so very captivating.  Loved this book… Prepare yourself to enjoy this lovely read. I must say I was touched with a multitude of emotions.♥  

I loved the book, ["Once in Every Generation"]
by Lisamarie Aldridge
It is so hard to put it down. I love how Lisa maintains her strength throughout her trials. I just goes to show that although M.S can make us vulnerable it doesn’t take away our inner strength.  Well done for portraying M.S in a realistic way whilst also portraying the inspirational character of people wholive with this condition. Loved the book. 
Well I am completely done with Lauren B. Grossman’s book “Once In Every Generation”.
Actually I read it twice.
by Liset Garcia
I found myself liking the characters soo much that I reread it. During what is book I my mind was all over the place as to what would happen next. At the end of the book there are Q&A’s from and to the author and as I read them I felt as if I knew Lauren through her characters.
I recommend this book for all ages. It isn’t a sad MS story, it is a book about dreams, triumph and overcoming hurdles life puts in the way. Excellent.

Facebook Review
by Sarah L.  - October 2, 2012
Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I don't often read stories in the third person, but you had me captivated from the get go. Once in Every Generation will be a story that I can go back to for comfort and motivation. I also have a daughter -23 that I look forward to sharing this story with. Thank you.

Smashwords Review
by Bernie Jaroslow   Feb. 05, 2012                              
This is a really good book. It's entertaining and thought provoking. It's not necessary to be afflicted with MS,
it's not necessary to be a woman. It's just necessary to enjoy reading well-written and enjoyable books. I would highly recommend this one to anyone.
A kindred spirit with MS,    December 12, 2011
By Terry
(GEORGETOWN, MA, United States)
I was  drawn to this book by the brief summary that hinted at a life interrupted by MS,  for I have MS as well, and have recently written of it. Lauren has written a  true novel, and her character development is excellent, her plot interesting  with just enough layers and turns to hold the reader's enduring attention. I  agree with the author's statement, that this is a book for all generations of  readers. Bravo, Lauren, this is very well done.

Beautiful story, January 28, 2012
By ZooMom (Indiana)
This  author paints pictures with her words. I was fully involved in the story. As I  was recently diagnosed with MS, parts hit me kinda hard, but throughout the entire book, hope was present.

Heartwarming  easy read, January 19, 2012
By Beverly Dane 
Congrats  to Ms. Grossman on her first novel. It touches numerous important topics such as  the arts, illness, and failure melding them together through her two main characters into a heartwarming and easy read. 

A delightful  page turner, January 19, 2012 
 I couldn't  put this book down and felt I really knew the characters in this absorbing  story.
The reader can't help but share the range of emotions experienced by the  two main characters. For an afternoon of reading pleasure don't miss Lauren Grossman's "Once in Every Generation."

An uplifting tale of dreams deferred, February 9, 2012
By jyshep 
An  uplifting tale of dreams deferred and then realized, strength in the face of  major adversity, and the importance of family, all wrapped up in a happy ending.

Pure  Genius, March 1, 2012 
By Txp5889 
This book  was one of the best books I've read this was heart wrenching, humbling  and happy thru the whole story. It truely showed a day in the life with MS...pure genius...kudos!

Heart  Warming, January 19, 2012 
By Suzanne
I found  Once in Every Generation to be very entertaining and informative. I didn't know  much about MS before I read this book. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it  down.
It was a feel good, heart warming novel. 

By Beverly G. S. Southern California
What a wonderful story of courage, ambitions, love and family. It truly covers the gamut of feelings. The characters seem very vivid - easy to imagine what they look like and their characteristics. A sensitive and beautifully written novel. Overcoming physical and emotional obstacles is a lesson for all to learn. This book paves the way.

Goodreads Review by Megan                           
I was very happy to receive this book in a giveaway.  I very much enjoyed the idea and the story.  The only reason I rated it as "liked it" is that it should have been a much longer novel.  I really liked the characters and their real emotions.  I would have loved to have been able to get into the characters more, to understand Lisa's motivations and life as a superstar
That being said, for those of you who like a neatly wrapped novel you can read in a shorter time span, I highly recommend it!  It's a sweet, sad, and heartwarming tale of love and devotion to ideals and dreams.  I look forward to reading more stories from Lauren Grossman.

Excellent and meaningful book,  October 12, 2010
By bravo – Springfield, MA)
A sweet story about dreams and goals, missed and taken, under the cloud or perhaps even the impetus of a serious lifelong disability. Add the point of view of women artists of different ages, and the book touches on subject matters that poignantly affect many readers.

Read It!, January 18, 2012
By B. Sandock (Tucson, AZ United States) 
You will  be empowered by reading this. The book enables the reader to experience the ups and downs of life when the unexpected happens. Instead of taking life for granted, Once in Every Generation encourages the reader to value what we have and to be there for others. The characters are memorable. Months and months after I read it, I still think of them.

Great stuff,  January 18, 2012
By Kari  
A gritty and realistic story for how the disease works. Shows that people with MS can still live and achieve!!!
Really enjoyed the book ... In fact, could not put it down!

What we can achieve, May 6, 2011
By Jan Holmes Frost "Jan Holmes Frost"  (Tucson, AZ)
As an author myself, I found Lauren's book to be an inspiration to all who deal with infirmities in their life. My husband has MS, and does well despite the many problems that come and go. To read a book filled with courage and effort, gives us all a dose of hope. Thanks, Lauren, for bringing Once in Every Generation to the world.

Heartwarming,  March 18, 2011
By Joan Briel (Scotch Plains, NJ United States)
A heartwarming story that's hard to put down. A must have for people with multiple sclerosis or know people with MS.

A thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable read!
By Deb -  December 2, 2011
This was a  book I read without expecting more than a pleasant experience. Instead, I found  myself eagerly anticipating each page! The heartache I felt for the incredibly talented Lisa when she discovered she had Multiple Sclerosis came from my more than twenty year journey with the same disease. The painful challenges of MS were dealt with honestly, but not with despair. Lisa remained a gifted singer but through her disease found she had more than her voice to offer the world. 
The book was written so well Lisa and Angelina became my friends. I was proud of  their singing talent as well as how they chose to cope with life. I can only hope they would be proud of me.

So worth the reading,  January 19, 2011
By PJ Fox - See all my reviews
I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful story of two lives enriched by each other. This story should be read by everyone who would like to understand how their fears may have interfered with reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams; fear of ridicule, failure, and embarrassment. Angelina gave up her hopes and dreams at the age of 11 when she allowed an experience to let her fears be her guide and master throughout most of her life, until she began to see herself in her most talented student. That was when Angelina, the teacher, also became the student. The most important lesson to be learned is that the main character would have never been able to help herself or anyone else had she turned her terrifying moment into life long anger and bitterness. It was only through her generously opening her heart and soul and giving of herself that she was able to be receptive to the fulfillment of her own dreams. 

Wonderful read,  April 3, 2011
By janetf – Tucson, AZ
This book moved me on so many levels, and it was such an "easy" read. I was truly taken into the story and could not wait to see how it ended.

A must read for women who know what life is about.  March 30, 2011
By Starla Ramcy
I received your book and couldn't put it down. Your first chapter was magnificent! And of course the rest of the book totally got to me, a lot of emotions. Very well written, and I can recommend it to anyone. Particularly women who have experienced pain and loss, but still know how to dream.

Great Story, December 6, 2010
By Hot Shot Lizotte - Florida
Ok my review is about to begin. 1st you must know I have not read a book in over 3 years. 2nd I started your book & never put it down until I was finished. It was a wonderful story & all of your characters came to life for me. Even Meg the drunk. LOL When I can visualize characters in a story, then the writer is doing ...a fantastic job. You should be so proud of yourself Lauren, I know I am.
Thanks for the info on MS, it clearly is disturbing to know you have it, but it also proves what a courageous person you are & how you deal with it. I will hold Angelina & Lisa dear to my heart like I hold you. When is the next book coming? I truly am a fan of yours both personally & professionally. 
A must read!,  November 27, 2010
By Link F. – Mesa, AZ
Reminds one of similar events in their own lives. And, it touches the emotional strings of their own personal experiences. Some parts brought tears to my eyes, while other parts of the book made me chuckle. Believe this same reaction will be had by most readers.

A Story Of Dreams,  November 5, 2010
By zosia01007 - Massachusetts
A thoroughly enjoyable book about hope and dreams. The author allows the characters to be channeled through the reader. It is a must have book for everyone that believes that dreams can come true***Once In Every Generation.

Young, old, male, female - Once in Every Generation should be required reading for everyone, November 4, 2010
By berniej123 (O.C. CA) 
Once in Every Generation is a story of relationships, dreams, life's challenges and triumphs, big and small. The author writes beautifully and poignantly. She is expert at manipulating the reader's emotions, as you'll find when you are exhilarated one moment and sad the next. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommended it for any age, male and female. If this is a sign of things to come, I look forward to the author's next book.

by Connie - through Goodreads 
I chanced upon this book through Facebook. The author, a fellow MSer, had produced and published an intriguing 'trailer' which I spotted on a mutual friend's page.  I inquired about the book, 'friended' Lauren in the process, and ordered the book which I am enjoying now that I have worked through all my weightier tomes!
Not intending to be a spoiler, let me just say that I was both surprised and pleased to discover how the author deals with the
subject matter!

Wonderful teacher/student story, September 12, 2011
By Gregory G. Allen   
I  started following author Lauren B. Grossman's blog a few months ago and decided  I wanted to read her debut novel. Being a lover of music, this story that uses music in such a wonderful way was right up my alley. The bond between a teacher and a student is one that should be explored as I believe teachers give so much of their time to other people's children every day of their lives. Grossman creates different sections told by two characters to illustrate how this story has more than one protagonist and uses those sections to explore the major turning points with each. She gives us glimpses into moments of their lives (since the book covers many decades); never spending too much time on the years in between - but instead getting to the major milestone. Reading the author's bio of a woman diagnosed with MS in 1993, I applaud her for sharing such a personal story in such a public way (though this book is not autobiographical). 
Once In Every Generation offers a reader a take on the modern family: where family can be whoever we chose to surround ourselves. In this case: a student and her teacher. If I had any critique, it would be that I wished Ms. Grossman would have made the book into a series of multiple books and really developed those years in between the `moments' because I think readers would have loved to  spend more time with Angelina and Lisa as their relationship was fostered, matured, and blossomed into something well beyond that of a normal teacher and student.

 Heartwarming and  uplifting,   October 17, 2011
 By Jay Epstein "Jay" (Israel)
 A  heartwarming story of human triumph in the face of hardship and finding joy even  when the odds are stacked against you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and came  away smiling.


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