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An official bio:

Award-winning author Lauren B. Grossman is originally from Massachusetts but now resides in Southern Arizona with her husband, two children, two dogs, and a desert tortoise.

Lauren earned a degree in theatre and has performed in, designed sets, directed and produced numerous productions. 

She co-founded, co-published, and co-edited a performing arts newspaper. Because of the success of that newspaper, she and her co-publisher created a weekly radio talk show. She has had articles published and has earned awards for her short stories.

An unofficial bio:
I am a wife/mother/business manager/writer/poet/artist/past vice-president on a non-profit organization board/past actress/past producer/past set designer/and past publisher (I tend to live in the past).

I enjoy my family. I live vicariously through my children, now in their twenties and thirties. I love reading, writing, and horseback riding (though not at the same time). I love the challenge of a NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle and have set a personal best of finishing the puzzle 5 times in my life. I am often found playing Sudoku in my spare times, so I can keep my brain alert (or rather, what is left of my brain alert).

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