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The Czech Book                   $14.95

a Rainee Allen mystery

 Amazon link:                                                    $3.99

   Once again, author Rainee Allen finds herself entangled in a perilous mystery.

While in Prague at her friend Shelley’s wedding, a bomb explodes seconds before the nuptials take place, leaving the betrothed in a coma.

   Who planted the bomb and who was the intended target? Was it a coincidence that just one week before, the prized Bohemian Crown Jewels had been stolen? Does an encoded black book play a part in the heist?

   Concerned it may implicate Shelley, Rainee keeps the authorities at arm’s length until she can decode the Czech book.

   Rainee Allen must rely on her own inner strength, tenacity, and intuition, to guide her through this mysterious puzzle. 

The Verona Exchange                    $14.95

a Rainee Allen mystery

   Amazon link:                                                                      $2.99

   Happily married and living in London, a surprise phone call sets author Rainee Allen on an unexpected journey.

   Joshua, the son she never got to know, will be in Italy and wants to meet her. However, her excitement is short-lived when a terrorist group intervenes and kidnaps him.

   With only her intuition to guide her, once again Rainee Allen finds herself embroiled in a multi-city search that has Italy’s infamous Red Brigade, Interpol, and Rome’s police brought together in a cat-and-mouse game putting her in dire circumstances.

   The hunt ends up at a festival outside Verona, where the exchange turns out to be complicated beyond her imagination.

   Rainee Allen, an adventurous author with a penchant for research and action is no stranger to suspense and intrigue. This time it is personal and she’s in it for blood.

   Award-winning author Lauren B. Grossman and Bernard Jaroslow collaborated on this new Rainee Allen mystery.

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The Golden Peacock                        $14.95
a Rainee Allen mystery 
a Finalist in 2018 Readers' Favorite Contest                       
    Amazon link:                                                       $2.99


   Author Rainee Allen had success with her first novel, but is now under a deadline to write a second one. While experiencing writer’s block, she comes across an identification card of a Holocaust survivor with whom she shares a birth date (with a thirty-year difference).
   Determined to find this woman and tell her story, she travels to London where Jana Lutken lives. To her sad surprise, Jana is living in a nursing home and has Alzheimer’s disease.
   The sight of a young doctor serves as a trigger, and suddenly Jana is reliving the Holocaust once again.
   Rainee, determined to find out why this man creates terror in Jana’s eyes, innocently opens a long-kept secret and finds herself entangled in mystery, intrigue and suspense.

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Once in Every Generation              $12.95
    Amzon link:                                                $2.99


   Eleven-year-old Angelina Mariano was a phenomenon that happens only once in every generation. Her spectacular singing voice was incomparable. But a traumatic incident created a debilitating phobia that destroyed any dream of pursuing her passion.

   As an adult, Angelina teaches private voice lessons and takes on a student she recognizes as astonishing, one who possesses the career potential that eluded her. Lisa Forester is that student. Becoming her mentor and friend, she nourishes young Lisa's talent and instills that which escaped Angelina so long ago, the confidence to believe in her own abilities.

   Unleashed, the young student's voice launches her on a meteoric rise to stardom. At the height of Lisa's career, however, a life-altering illness surfaces. Because of her love for Lisa, Angelina must now dig deep down inside of herself and face her own fears.

   Relying on one another's strength, both women will learn to face their own challenges. Once in Every Generation is a story of relationships, courage, and dreams interrupted.

   Watch the book trailer:

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